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Parent Involvement Workshop

Sender Daniel Diaz
Posted On 2011-03-22
Year 2010-2011
Memoir I was fortunate to again be sent to the Parent Involvement Workshop at Pacific Palms Resort at Industry Hills, CA.

I took attended two sessions while at that workshop, and while both were very beneficial to me and to the other members of Killian who attended, I felt that the most important message I reaped from attending was that college and the attainment of higher education is available to everyone.

I heard a very telling story from a man who came from humble beginnings and is now responsible for giving seminars to schools across the South land. In fact, he now has his Master's Degree, even though he came from a background of migrant farmers.

As Mister Jason Gass emphasizes, as does all his teaching staff, college, education and the right attitude can get you a better life, help you become a greater contributor to society, and help you leave a legacy to your offspring to continue a cycle of growth and attainment of knowledge and personal wealth in terms of a love for learning, reading, and passing on what you have learned to the next generation(s).

Although the first Seminar was one of motivational and peaceful relaxation, the second Seminar, which talked about the legacy we leave to our children was truly inspirational. The main focus was that to go to college, your family, your school, and everyone involved in your life has to understand that the road starts from the day you say your first words.

In short, everyone can go to a college, major university, and even to places like Columbia, Harvard and M.I.T.. Nobody is held in place except by complacency and apathy. It is not a dream alone to go to college, but in fact a journey that will be traveled by long hours of studying and hard work. This philosophy is parallel to what is taught at Killian and it will carry over to those late nights of writing a term paper or a Doctorate Thesis years down the road.

So, I wanted to share that thought with all the Killian Family of parents and extended family members. Your children can go to college no matte what your background so long as you do not derail their plans and goals with distractions and obligations beyond their needs. Meaning, school has to be the priority, not helping change diapers or making meals for the family. If you truly want your kids to attain a higher education then it is truly up to you to see that they can get there without excuses, roadblocks and hardships beyond their years.

In closing, I find that Killian is a great foundation to achieve these goals and with this pillar in place the sky is the limit. In fact, I was so inspired by the seminar I am now taking more online classes to even further my education beyond just two Bachelor's Degrees. Learning never stops, it is a never ending journey in which the end result will be your children some day in space, winning a Noble Prize, or even sitting in the White House.

Thank you for your time and thank you Killian Staff, Ms. Grigsby and Mr. Gass for sending me again this, my last year as a parent at Killian and the final three months as Chairman of the School Site Council. Please, all parents, attend our meetings if you can. You are all welcome.

Daniel L. Diaz

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