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Parking in the parking lot is limited to STAFF ONLY between 7:30a.m. -3:00p.m.  Please park on the street if you need to get out of your car. Students are not allowed in the parking lot. DO NOT at any time use the parking lot as a shortcut or quick route to the front of the line when entering the circle drive.


To ensure the safety of children and adults, it is imperative that the following procedures be observed:

  • All cars must enter from the south driveway off Lerona St. and exit from the north driveway.  Cars may make a left or right hand turn upon exiting.
  • Students may load and unload only in the designated area in the circle drive. Not in the street.
  • For safety purposes, students may only enter and exit the vehicle from the passenger side.
  • Drivers must stay inside their cars in the circle drive and continue to pull forward as space becomes available.

All drivers must follow directions and show respect for staff members on duty. Habitual violators will not be able to use the circle driveway.


Students are not allowed to cross in the middle of the street even when accompanied by a parent. Students must use the crosswalk.

Parents and/or students may not cross the circle driveway at any time. Please cross in the crosswalk at the enter and exit driveways.


Crossing Guards are provided to ensure student safety.  Cars are not to enter the crosswalk while a pedestrian or Crossing Guard is inside the crosswalk.


The Rowland Unified School District has given schools the authority to issue tickets to offenders.