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Traffic Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures
In order to address safety hazards and traffic concerns in front of Killian School, it is extremely important that we have a set pattern that all cars are expected to follow when picking up and dropping off students.
All  cars will need to enter the Circle Drive by turning right into it from Lerona Ave.  In order to make this possible all cars picking up and dropping off children will need to approach the school from Nogales St. by turning onto Villa Clara St. to the south of the school and proceed northbound on Lerona Ave.
When exiting the Circle Drive, Cars will be permitted to turn either left or right when exiting. 
U-Turns on Lerona Ave. will not be permitted because they slow the flow of traffic and cause potential accidents.  This is also illegal in a school zone.  Parents must also follow the directions of all teachers on duty.
Students are not to be dropped off in the parking lot.
As in all traffic situations, patience is a must.  Please help keep our students safe by remaining calm while waiting patiently in line. 
Student Safety is our #1 priority.
Please Reference the Attachment Below for a Map